Bell & Evans

Wouldn’t you want to eat delicious wings without the indulging guilt? Well, at Planet Wings you can!

Planet Wings prides itself on using only the freshest and high quality products possible. That is why it was an easy choice to use only Bell & Evans chicken in our restaurants.

Bell & Evans has been raising chickens for generations. All of their chickens are raised humanely, straying away from overcrowding their chickens. Their farms raise calm, non-aggressive chickens and dine on an all-vegetarian diet. Additionally, their are no added antibiotics or growth hormones. According to Bell & Evans, “It’s what we don’t feed them that makes the difference.”

According to Bell and Evans, “All Bell & Evans chickens are 100% Air-Chilled so there is NO RETAINED WATER and no added water… for tender, more flavorful chicken.”

The next time you’re craving sauced to perfection wings, know that Planet Wings is here to satisfy that craving with your health in mind!

New Planet Wings Website


Planet Wings’s new website contains new features designed with the customer in mind. It’s now easier than ever for customers to navigate the online menu, find Planet Wings locations, and get rewards.


Planet Wings is in the middle of a rebranding initiative and the launch of our new website is a major part of that project. The new website looks better than ever in addition to being more functional and more user-friendly.

The new website includes a menu that is easier to navigate, so customers will be able to view all the delicious food Planet Wings has to offer. Customers can order online and the website has a store locator that can tell customers where to go for their nearest wings fix.

The website also includes entirely new sections devoted to helping customers save money. There’s a page devoted to all the special offers and promotions they’re running at any given time, as well as another page that explains our rewards program and how customers can sign up.

For further convenience, the new website has been designed with mobile devices in mind so customers can access all these new features from their phone or tablet just as well as they can from their laptop or desktop.

Visit the new Planet Wings website and sign up for exclusive promotions today!