The Brand

The Brand

Planet Wings has grown to a chain
with more than 25 locations

Planet Wings®️ was founded in 1994 by husband-and-wife team Franco and Paula Fidanza. They wanted to offer a fast-food restaurant that offers everything from salads to burgers and chicken wings.

Since starting their own business more than 20 years ago, Planet Wings®️ has grown to a chain with more than 25 locations, but it continues to maintain the qualities of a family-owned business that got it where it is today.

The owners are still committed to providing a quality experience to all their customers, and that commitment is reflected in their decision to update the brand with a look that is more modern and refined than before.

The brand makes a promise to customers and Planet Wings®️ delivers on that promise by providing delicious, high-quality food the whole family can enjoy.

Why Planet Wings?

There are many reasons to choose Planet Wings®️ and the great food we provide is just one of those reasons. Our menu has many offerings, with chicken wings at the core. They have that addictive flavor that will satisfy your craving and keep you coming back for more. It’s our wings that have helped us gain a stellar reputation among chicken lovers in all our markets.

Providing that unforgettable taste starts with great meat. Our wings are responsibly sourced and our burgers are hand crafted fresh (never frozen) to provide a more flavorful burger. That same focus on quality is extended to the wide range of items we provide from all over the world, including gyros, salad, and Mexican options.

This allows us to provide flexibility for you to choose whatever you’re craving that day, without sacrificing quality.

The final step is to provide a great restaurant experience for all our customers, which is why we work hard to create an atmosphere that is consistently inviting and family friendly in all our restaurants. At the same time, we strive to strengthen our brand by including it on all our packaging, menus, and both interior and exterior designs. This tells customers who we are at a glance, while simultaneously positioning us as a modern business with an updated look.